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This course introduces the fundamentals of PMOs, exploring their benefits, activities, and justification methods. Participants will explore the PMO’s central organizational functions, covering customer and vendor management, effective communications, project office management, knowledge handling, resource allocation, and training. Participants will learn how to establish, implement, and lead a PMO while integrating transformative systems for lasting impact. Participants will leave equipped with the necessary skills and insights to establish, lead, and optimize PMOs, contributing significantly to organizational success and driving excellence in project management practices. Also, participants will gain practical skills in data preparation and dashboard creation, empowering you to drive PMO excellence.


By completely attending this course, participants will be able to:

  • Establish and Implement PMOs.
  • Strategically Align PMOs.
  • Operate and Manage PMOs.
  • Manage Processes and Governance.
  • Lead Change and Integration.
  • Exercise Leadership within PMOs.
  • Make Data-driven Decisions.
  • Optimize PMO Performance.
  • Facilitate Organizational Change and Transformation.


  • PMO Establishment and Implementation.
  • Strategic Alignment and Justification.
  • Operational Management within PMOs.
  • Process Management and Governance.
  • Change Management and Integration.
  • Leadership and Differentiation of Roles.
  • Data-driven Decision-making.

This course is designed to accommodate individuals at various career stages involved in project, program, or portfolio management or those interested in PMO-specific roles, providing insights into the strategic and operational aspects of PMOs within organizational structures.

The Course is designed to encourage maximum participation by all delegates. We will use best practices and benchmarks, and design interactive activities via discussion, small group work, exercises, and feedback to display proficient knowledge and skills.


  • Defining the Program Management Office
    • PMO in Project and Business Environments.
    • Benefits of a PMO.
    • PMO Activities.
  • Justifying The Program Management Office
    • Justification Method.
    • Cost-Benefit Analysis.
  • The Program Management Office in the Organization
    • The Functional Organization.
    • The Projectized Organization.
    • The Matrix Organization.
    • PMO Capability Level.


  • Customer Management.
    • The PMO’s Customers.
    • Customer-Centric Approach for the PMO.
    • The PMO’s CRM Activities.
    • Performance Measure for Customer Relationship.
    • Aim for Excellent Customer Management.
  • Vendor Management
    • The PMO’s Vendor Management Tasks.
  • Communications Management
    • The Concept of Communications Management
    • Communication Channels.
    • Communications Audience.
    • The PMO’s Communication Roles.


  • Project Office Management.
    • Project Governance.
    • Project Planning and Milestone Delivery.
    • Project Administration.
  • Project Knowledge Management.
    • What Is Knowledge Management?
    • Advantages for the Organization.
    • The PMO’s Knowledge Management Roles.
    • Implementing the Knowledge Management System.
  • Project Management Training
    • Reasons for Training
    • Developing a Training Program That Works
  • Project Resource Management
    • The PMO’s Resource Management Role.
    • Resource Scheduling


  • Project Selection.
    • How to Select the Projects.
    • The Basic Types of a Project Selection Model.
    • Establishing the Project Selection Model.
  • Controlling Project Progress.
    • Why Use a Gateway Review?
    • The Different Stages in the Gateway Review.
  • Program Monitoring and Control.
    • The Monitoring Process.
    • Program Status Reporting.
    • Program Control.
  • Project Audit
    • The PMO’s Role in Project Audit
    • Project Audit Methodology
  • Systems To Drive The PMO
    • Introducing the New System
    • Integrating the Disparate Systems
    • Getting the Desired System


  • Establishing A PMO
    • The PMO Charter
    • Determining PMO Staffing
  • Implementing A PMO
    • Implementing a Lasting Transformation
    • Dealing with Change in Integrating the PMO
    • Integrating the PMO into the Organization
    • Monitoring PMO Performance
    • Key Performance Indicators
  • Leadership In A PMO
    • The Role of a Leader
    • PMO Manager Versus Project Manager


  • Preparing Data on Project Level.
  • Preparing Data on PMO Level.
  • Inserting a Pivot Table.
  • Inserting a Slicer.
  • Formatting Data Bars and Icon Sets.
  • Inserting a Stacked Bar Graph.
  • Inserting a Pie Chart.
  • Finalizing the dashboard
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